Hydrazine Sulfate – Dr Joseph Gold Cachexia Treatment?

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Dr Joseph Gold, the developer of hydrazine sulfate Cachexia Treatment?

The story of the development, and subsequent quashing, of hydrazine sulfate has all the drama and intrigue of an HBO movie. It is just one of the many drugs and formulas the National Cancer Institute buried for years. They also killed 50% of those involved in the experimental group of their phony study.

Subsequent patient studies show that Hydrazine Sulfate works (saves lives) greater than fifty percent of the time. Russia uses it freely today in many cancer programs.

Dr Joseph Gold, the developer of hydrazine sulfate, sent us a ton of information, for which we are forever grateful. Here is a short synopsis of the story.

Dr Joseph Gold is an MD. He was also a research scientist for NASA, a US Air Force officer. When he left the military with a Presidential Citation from Eisenhower for his work in the space program, he had one goal, to answer the question: Is there a chemical way to stop cachexia?

Cachexia: in a chronic infection/chronic disease, the patient’s temperature rises, the CD4 count drops below the CD8 count, and the appetite wanes until the patient develops pathological anorexia. The body still needs nourishment, so it begins breaking down its fat stores, the process of glycogenesis, and also begins to break down proteins to deliver these sugar precursors, the ones produced by glycogenesis, to the body. The metabolism of tumor/cancer cells is much less efficient than those of normal cells: normal cells metabolize aerobically, using oxygen, which is 15 times more efficient than cancer cells that metabolize anaerobically, through a process of fermentation. Fermentation, being less efficient, requires much more sugar than aerobically metabolizing cells. Additionally, the metabolism rate of a tumor is much higher than that of normal cells, so the amount of sugar needed is still greater. Eventually the patient dies trying to feed the tumor. Starvation is the major cause of death in cancer and AIDS patients.

Warning! Hydrazine Sulfate is an MAOI (Momoamine Oxidase Inhibitor). What it does is inhibit an enzyme that breaks down monoamines (serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine), those brain chemicals that make us happy. MAO inhibitors have been used as antidepressants. However, MAOs have another job in the body: they metabolize tyramine, an amino acid. When taking an MAO inhibitor, tyramine is not broken down, and eating foods with tyramine can raise your blood pressure and heart beat dramatically and cause the worst headache you’ve ever experienced. This is a very dangerous condition, especially for someone already battling cancer. Most of the foods containing tayramine are not on the cancer diet plan, and you should be avoiding them anyway.

Foods containing tyramine are (mainly) aged, fermented, or pickled, such as most cheeses (except cottage cheese, cream cheese, and fresh Mozzerlla), lunch meats, hot dogs, yogurt, wines and beers. Here is a pretty good list of foods that contain tyramine: