Efficacy of Cachexinol™ (using CELLg8® delivery) in treating cancer cachexia mice study


The results of this second mouse study confirms the results we had on the first mouse study.

The anti-cachexia study protocol

  • We use the most widely used colon 26 cachexia animal model
  • We inject the tumor cells to mice and closely follow performance
  • We have much stricter standard to perform efficacy study:
    1. Other studies treat mice as a group despite not all develop cachexia
    2. We treat mice individualized(only treat mice with cachexia onset)
    3. We adopt same enrollment criteria and efficacy endpoints as patients
  • Our goal is to make sure the efficacy could be clinically translational
  • Below is the second study we have performed with Cachexinol™

Get Another Chance

Formula significantly increases survival

This curve only shows the efficacy  of CELLg8®  formula (0.5mg) in the improvement of survival. This confirms the significant efficacy of CELLg8®  formula observed in study 1

Dose-effect study of Cachexinol™ (CELLg8® formula) showing fast weight gain.

  • Three dosages of Cachexinol™ formula were tested:
      1.  0.25mg
      2. 0.5mg
      3. 1mg
  • Mice treated P.O. with Cachexilnol™ every other day
  • Mice body weight and health condition was monitored daily
Dose-effect study of Cachexinol™ (CELLg8® formula)

Three different doses of Cachexilnol™ (standardized to mg of ) were given orally to mice after cachexia onset. Mice body weight (Mean±SEM) of each group was shown above. The efficacy of two high doses(0.5mg and 1mg) is obviously better than the 0.25mg dose.


  • Cachexinol™ formula is very effective to treat cancer cachexia and reduce cancer mortality.
  • What is critical for clinical success of Cachexinol™ formula is to determine right patients(right indication/right clinical scenario) and right dose with right dosing schedule.
  • Cachexinol was shown to rebound weight in subjects.